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The Tell Halaf-Project is a working team of people in permanent positions as well as free lancers: Dr. Lutz Martin is the coordinator and represents the project at the funding institutions, Dr. Nadja Cholidis, financed by the German Research Foundation, is the head of scientific research, while the stone restorer of the Museum of Ancient Near Eastern Art , Dipl.-Rest. Stefan Geismeier, has developed a restoration concept and is in charge of the free lancing stone restorers. Ulrike Dubiel, M.A., scientific researcher, is responsible for the sorting and identifying of the fragments; Hans Nohka supports the team as technical co-worker. At present the restorers Franziska Kierzek, Carsten Schneider and Knut Zimmermann are working on a freelance base for the Tell Halaf-Project. Since 2002 the sculptor and art former Hans Hallmann has made plaster casts and moulds. Selected fragments with relief decoration are currently drawn by Eva Bernhard in preparation of the final publication. In 2005 a cooperation was initiated with the Institute of Applied Geosciences , Dept. of Mineralogy, of the Technical University of Berlin. Professor Dr. Gerhard Franz and Dr. Kirsten Drüppel are responsible for the mineralogical-petrographic investigation of the damaged basalt sculptures, Dr. Drüppel will set out on an expedition in order to locate the ancient quarry in the upcoming summer as well. Cand. Geowiss. Andreas Kratzig is conducting a microscopic analysis of small fragments thus supporting the identification process.

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Konzept und Koordination / Concept and coordination / Conception et coordination
Nadja Cholidis, Berlin

Text / Texte
Nadja Cholidis, Berlin

Übersetzung / Translation / Traduction
Ulrike Dubiel, Berlin (englisch/English/anglais)
Tradukas GbR, Berlin (französisch/French/français)

Bildnachweis / Photo Credits / Crédits photographiques
Max Freiherr von Oppenheim- Stiftung, Köln
Tell Halaf-Projekt, Berlin
Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin
Bildarchiv der Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin
Architekturbüro O.M. Ungers, Köln
Olaf Teßmer, Berlin

Programmierung / Programming / Programmation
Peter Habura, Berlin, E-Mail:

Technische Administration / Technical Administration / Administration technique
Matthias Bruske, Staatliche Museen SMPK, Berlin

Tell Halaf-Projekt, Vorderasiatisches Museum, Bodestraße 1-3, D - 10178 Berlin
Tell Halaf-Project, Museum of Ancient Near Eastern Art, Bodestraße 1-3, D - 10178 Berlin
Le projet Tell Halaf, Musée des Antiquités du Proche Orient, Bodestrasse 1-3, D - 10178 Berlin